Practice Safe Cybering: You'll Be Happy If You Stay Safe

To help protect against viruses, the campus scans all computers connecting to the campus network. Infected or vulnerable computers may be denied access to important Web-based campus services such as those you use to enroll in classes, change class schedules, and access course Web sites. Access will remain restricted until all problems are resolved. When access is denied, instructions and resources are provided to help you fix the problem.

While there is no single solution for protecting your computer completely, these basic security measures can help keep it cyber-safe:

  • Run frequent updates and scans with anti-virus software.

  • Install operating system updates as soon as they become available.

  • Keep the original (disc) copes of computer software available. Application, operating system, and system restore software will be handy in the event of a serious problem.

  • Pick up the Internet Tools CD at IT Express (182 Shields Library). On it you will find anti-virus software, an email program, Web browser, and more.