Privacy-enhancing software available at no or low-cost for personal use

Identity Finder Home Edition, a software program that scans personally owned computers and reports the presence of high-risk personal identity information (PII), is now available for private use at low cost to UC Davis faculty and staff, and no cost to students.

Faculty and staff may buy the software from Identity Finder for only $10, which is 75 percent below list price. Students can download the software and obtain a license for free. Information and Educational Technology arranged for these special offers.

Personal identity information includes your full or partial name, plus data including passwords, access codes, or account, driver's license or Social Security numbers. If the information is not stored securely, and if identity thieves find it, they can use it to break into accounts, take money, impersonate you, or even masquerade as a relative or co-worker.

The Identity Finder Home Edition scan flags personal identity information, which the computer's owner can then delete, encrypt, or store securely offline.