Redesigned myucdavis has a place for everyone

Myucdavis is getting a major facelift. On Oct. 15, faculty and staff will join students in using a new version of the site, which provides new features and an enhanced experience for everyone.

Aggie  Feed

Student Affairs had previously upgraded myucdavis for students in October 2013, and more than 10,000 students use the site daily. During the ensuing year, Information and Educational Technology partnered with Student Affairs on the technology needed to update the site for faculty and staff too.

The new myucdavis (see accompanying screen shot), which retains the familiar address, consolidates several UC Davis web applications and online services into one location. A single login gives UC Davis affiliates access to information, tools, and resources relevant to their academic pursuits or job functions.

In addition to new services, the new includes the services from the old site that faculty and staff use most, such as: Classes I'm Teaching, My Office administrative services, email access, cloud storage (e.g. Google Drive and Box), campus notifications via Aggie Feed, and access to campus news sources like Dateline.

The redesigned, mobile-friendly layout displays the tools in "tiles," or graphic elements that represent services or information channels. Students, faculty and staff each see different versions of the site, but everyone sees two "views" (a view is a webpage that contains the tiles):

  • AggieView is static and displays the tiles with the most commonly used services.
  • MyView lets users create their own layout by adding or removing tiles.

The site also has two resource buttons:

  • New Tiles, which will display new tiles as they are developed.
  • Popular Tiles, which will display the tiles most popular with users.

The new look debuted for students on Sept. 17, a month ahead of the rollout for faculty and staff. In the winter and spring, campus outreach will explore which additional features and functions will be added for faculty and staff. Everyone is encouraged to leave comments and suggestions on the myucdavis feedback tab at any time.

The old myucdavis site will remain available to faculty and staff at until the end of 2014. For more information about the new myucdavis, visit the IT Service Catalog, or for help, email the IT Express Service Desk at