Remaining Listproc email lists will be deleted in December

Last summer, UC Davis moved more than 8,000 active email lists to its new list software, Sympa. On Dec. 14, more than 3,000 inactive email lists still residing on the old software, Listproc, will be deleted when Listproc is retired.

"Inactive" means the lists have shown no activity in at least one year. Most, presumably, were never deleted by the owners once the need for the list had ended.

On Nov. 2, Information and Educational Technology emailed a reminder to owners of record for the remaining lists, alerting them to the Dec. 14 deadline. Owners can keep the lists, even if the lists are inactive, by having IET migrate them to Sympa.

To migrate a list, please email the name of the list(s) you would like to migrate to Direct questions or requests for assistance to the IT Express Computing Services Help Desk at 530-754-HELP (4357).

The Dec. 14 retirement completes a project that began in 2009 to upgrade the campus email list service.