Remember, cybersecurity training is now required to earn a ‘fully achieved’ job review

This message is for the 28,500 UC Davis faculty, staff and student employees who received an email in January advising them to take their UC cybersecurity awareness training.

To the nearly 83 percent who have finished the training: Thank you!

To the 17 percent who haven’t yet: You’re overdue—and remember, completing the training is now a pre-requisite for receiving a “Fully Achieved Expectations” rating on your annual job evaluation. Please complete the training soon. Also, deans and vice chancellors have received lists of people in their areas who are overdue for finishing the training, or whose deadline is close.

The training takes less than an hour. It provides a quick guide on the basics of cybersecurity, including how to spot fraudulent emails, protect data, and guard your identity and privacy.

In 2015, University of California’s Office of the President began requiring all UC faculty, staff and student employees to take the online training when they join UC, and then to complete a shorter, update session each year thereafter.

Many people took the initial training in early 2016, which generated about 23,500 messages this January advising them to complete their yearly refresher. The other 5,000 messages in January went to new employees telling them how to take the initial course. The deadline for all of them was March 1.

Employees can check the UC Learning Center to confirm that they’ve completed the training. Read more in this TechNews article.