Results of Windows 2000 Professional Tests

As the Windows 2000 Project Team and Technology Support Coordinators continue to test and discuss Windows 2000 Professional (Win2k Pro) and Server (Win2k Server), they are making discoveries that may be of interest to the campus at large. The most useful information surrounds the Win2k Pro operating system, the operating system which most departments running Windows 95, 98, or NT will eventually run on their systems. For the last two months, the team has focused on testing the compatibility of Windows 2000 Professional with major campus administrative computing systems, such as Banner SIS, DaFis, and PPS. "We are confident that Windows 2000 Professional will work in our existing infrastructure," says Martha Cornejo, IT-Desktop. "However, there is still some work for us to do with integration issues, and steps each user should take before migrating to Windows 2000 Professional."