Secure Password Authentication for Email Project Team Submits Report

A team including members of the UC Davis Technology Infrastructure Forum (TIF) submitted an implementation plan to IET Vice Provost Bruno outlining technical issues, options, and solutions regarding the implementation of secure password authentication on campus email servers. The plan has been divided into two projects, with the first project focusing on upgrading the campus POP servers in preparation for secure password authentication. Communications for this project are crucial, as some Eudora users will need to upgrade to Eudora 5.2.1 in order to receive mail in Eudora after the upgrade occurs during winter break. No email will be lost and users will still be able to access their email through MyUCDavis. All campus email users accessing the POP servers will receive a duplicate mailing of every email they have left on the campus servers as well. Once the POP servers are upgraded, IET, in cooperation with the campus technical community, will launch the second project for securing password transmission on the campus email servers. (For information about campus security issues, see the UC Davis Security Web site.