Several Milestones Met for Faculty Merit and Promotion Project

The pilot with the Faculty Merit and Promotion System (that creates faculty digital portfolios that can be used in support of academic merit and promotion actions) reached several milestones during Fall 2005. Modifications to the MyInfoVault application and the transition from the Health System to campus servers at the Data Center were completed in September. Following this transition the extended 2005-06 pilot was launched. Current activities include capacity planning for continued growth, completing additional enhancements and code improvements, as well as developing a communication approach and project Web site ( The primary goal for the 2005-2006 academic year is to test the system with the pilot departments through at least one merit and promotion cycle, and to finalize technical and functional enhancements to the application prior to campuswide deployment. In response to system-wide interest in the MyInfoVault application, a meeting is being scheduled in early March 2006 at UC San Diego with key UC Davis project members and other interested parties.