Slide scanning service now carries a fee

The Academic Technology Services department of Information and Educational Technology is now charging a fee for all slide-scanning services. Previously, faculty could apply for an Educational Technology Resource Award (ETRA) to get limited numbers of slides scanned for instructional purposes.

Clients can bring 35mm slides to Surge II to be digitized for various uses. A multimedia specialist scans the slides "and can do any enhancements if the client needs or wants them done," said Jennifer Radke, business manager for IET-Academic Technology Services. Clients, who are mostly faculty, will be charged per slide.

The campus considered ending the service due to budget constraints, but the service is widely used. More than 4,000 slides were digitized in 2007-08. To digitize your slides, visit IET-ATS in Surge II, or learn more here.

Free slide scanning without enhancements is still available on a self-serve basis from scanners in 1101 Hart Hall and Meyer Media Lab.