SmartSite activity rises significantly during fall quarter

Use of SmartSite has reached a new record. As of Nov. 1, the system had 1,757 active course sites, or about 600 more than during any previous quarter.

Faculty, students and staff have been using SmartSite to manage coursework and collaborate online since 2007. It gradually replaced the MyUCDavis course-management tools, which were retired at the end of summer 2010.

Other statistics for fall 2010:

  • The number of concurrent SmartSite users has leveled off at 6,000 to 6,500, although the level of activity more than doubles during the busiest times of the quarter.
  • The campus has 4,850 SmartSite project sites. Students, clubs, staff members and others use project sites to share information or work together on projects.
  • The campus has 10,747 course sites total. This number includes sites that are not active this quarter.

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