SmartSite adds guest access

Anyone who runs a course or project site in SmartSite can now let people who aren't affiliated with UC Davis have access to the site. This change, which kicked in May 20, is good news for faculty, staffers, and anyone else who uses SmartSite and shares work with off-campus colleagues.

Site owners can add off-campus members by sponsoring their membership. Find more information here.

"The change lets you add, as a participant to your site, a non-UC Davis email address as a guest," said SmartSite Program Manager Kirk Alexander. Guests will still have to register, and their access will be limited to that particular site.

SmartSite, which runs on Sakai open-source software, is the campus's preferred system for managing coursework or sharing projects online. Faculty, staff and students use SmartSite to teach, work, study, and do research. SmartSite began as a pilot program in early 2006, and became a mainstream campus system in the fall of 2007.

Guest access can assist a wide variety of work. It can help far-flung researchers share a project site, help planners set up meetings with off-campus participants, and assist long-distance learning, among other uses.

About 30 sites, involving about 110 people, tested the guest access feature starting early this year. More than 47,000 UC Davis students, staff and faculty have used SmartSite in 2008-09, up 37 percent from the year before.