SmartSite outage continues: Status update as of May 24

SmartSite, the learning management system for most of UC Davis, continues to be offline. Scriba, which hosts the service for UC Davis, has not updated the campus on when the service will be available.

Scriba took the system down for emergency maintenance on May 20, said it would be restored by 11 a.m. May 23, and has not explained why the outage continues.

UC Davis is taking these steps as of today, May 24:

  • UC Davis continues to press the company for answers, and is now investigating all of our options if Scriba does not restore service. These include investigating options available to us under the campus contract with Scriba, as well as how to bring the functions performed by SmartSite back on campus.
  • As conditions look today, even by working aggressively, UC Davis programmers would need two weeks or longer to restore a semblance of SmartSite without Scriba's help. Information and Educational Technology is preparing guidance on how it can help faculty address their immediate concerns as the end of spring quarter approaches. This will include documentation on setting up class mailing lists, sharing files, exchanging assignments, and submitting grades.
  • The IT Express Service Desk has posted an initial article with options for working with the SmartSite outage, including information about how to create a class mailing list using the Sympa listserv service.
  • The campus routinely creates backup copies of important data, and has copies of all data contained in SmartSite as of 9 p.m. May 20, when the service interruption began. The data has not been lost, but at this stage it cannot be quickly restored to a state where it could be easily accessed. Campus technologists are examining software and hardware options to restore access to the data.
  • UC Davis continues to press Scriba to execute its disaster recovery plan in support of SmartSite.
  • IET will post daily updates with information about developments, as well as periodic updates to the page.
  • Faculty, students and staff with questions or comments should contact the IT Express Service Desk at 530-754-HELP (4357) or

SmartSite runs on Sakai software. Other campus systems that use Sakai are not affected, because they are not part of SmartSite and are not hosted by Scriba.

IET appreciates the campus's understanding, advice and patience as it works to recover from Scriba's inability to restore SmartSite to service.

SmartSite has been the main campus learning system for about a decade, but the campus is moving to Canvas in 2016-17.