SmartSite page collects resources to help faculty transfer MyUCDavis course materials

Faculty who still use the MyUCDavis course-management tools will need to move to SmartSite before the MyUCDavis tools are retired this fall. Materials to assist the transfer have been assembled in one location at the SmartSite gateway page.

The campus is retiring the MyUCDavis course tools in favor of SmartSite, which most of UC Davis now uses to manage courses and collaborate online. It is no longer possible to create course sites or gradebooks using the MyUCDavis tools for terms after this year's summer session 2, although MyUCDavis materials from previous quarters will remain accessible.

The MyUCDavis Web portal itself, and the standalone online grade submission process, will continue as usual. Only the course tools are retiring.

Find links to the transitional materials--including a training schedule, instructions on migrating Web Builder and Quiz Builder content, and contact information--on the left side of SmartSite's gateway page.