SmartSite upgrade improves Gradebook, other features

e or the help page for the Gradebook tool.

--Work continues on efforts to change and rename the My Classes channel in the MyUCDavis web portal so that it integrates with SmartSite. (The channel is visible under the portal's "My Classes" tab.) This change accompanies the retirement of the MyUCDavis course-management tools.

"We're bringing over the final elements of the MyUCDavis course-related functionality into SmartSite," Alexander said. "The My Classes interface in MyUCDavis is being reflected to update SmartSite, and the same information will be available via links from the My Campus Messages panel visible from the My Workspace tab in SmartSite."

For students, the "My Classes" channel in MyUCDavis will be renamed to "Classes I'm Taking"; for faculty, the "My Course Webpages" channel in MyUCDavis will be renamed to "Classes I'm Teaching." Each channel will link directly to the Registrar's new Course Search application, which will be integrated with SmartSite and will provide direct links to SmartSite sites for authenticated users.

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