Software helps deter ID theft

The campus has added Identity Finder to the lineup of tools it uses to protect personal data from theft and other misuse.

Technical staff can use the Identity Finder software to scan computers--and soon, selected databases--for sensitive personal information such as Social Security and driver's ID numbers.

UC Davis Cyber-Safety policy calls for such information to be deleted, stored offline, or encrypted if it must be kept on a computer--but first the computer user has to know the data is there. Identity Finder can find the data even when it is stored in dormant class files, forgotten reports, or similar digital attics.

Information and Educational Technology bought Identity Finder licenses last fall for use by tech support coordinators, members of the Technology Infrastructure Forum, and IET employees who need the tool. (The UC Davis Health System has a separate license for Identity Finder, and UCDHS staff should contact Health Information Management for further information.) Learn how to request a license here.