SPAM (Hypertext Student Newsletter)

If you can't seem to escape the nasty grip of unsolicited commerical email, also known as spam, make sure you are taking full advantage of the campus spam filtering system. Begin to regain control of your email inbox by following these two simple steps.

1. Set up campus spam filtering.
Configure your email for campus spam filtering by selecting from four options. The second option, filtering as much spam as possible and putting it in spam and quarantine folders, will give you a weekly spam digest and peace of mind in case you're worried that desired messages might be tagged as spam.

2. Filter spam with your non-UC davis email program.
If you use Eudora, Mozilla, Pine, Entourage, or Outlook Express, you can learn how to set up spam filtering on those programs as well, or if the filtering is automatic, train it to recognize what you consider to be spam.