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IT Times March 2004 Special Edition on Computer Security

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Table of Contents:

Computer Security Tip: Firewalls
Used efficiently, firewalls can help keep your computer safe from malicious internet traffic. Find out whether a firewall would suit your security needs.

Computer Security Tip: Wireless Networking
Wireless networking is a convenient way to get online, but it is not without risk. Read some tips on how to keep your connection secure.

Computer Security Tip: File Sharing
Swapping music, movies and games on peer-to-peer networks is as popular as it is risky. Find out how to protect yourself from downloading viruses and spyware while swapping files online.

Computer Security Tip: Instant Messaging
As convenient as Instant Messaging is, it can also invite security risks. Learn how to IM wisely.

Computer Security Tip: Shopping Online
Keep your credit card information safe by learning what security features to look for when you shop online.

Computer Security Tip: Email Attachments
Know whether an email attachment is safe to open and what you can do to safeguard your computer against virus infections.

Computer Security Tip: Reporting Security Incident on Campus
Know where to go for help if your computer is subjected to hacking, theft, or a vicious virus and who to report to if you are aware of a security violation.

Computer Security Tip: Confidential Data Storage
Protect your personal information by learning how to safely store confidential data on your computer.

Computer Security Tip: Regular Backups of Data
Minimize the risk of losing your important files by creating a workable back-up routine.

Computer Security Tip: Viruses and Worms
Fortify yourself against viruses and worms by taking precautionary action and understanding what the campus is doing to help.

A Primer on Identity Theft Prevention
In the past year, the rate of identity theft in the U.S. raised almost 33%. Don't let it happen to you! Find out what the campus is doing to prevent identity theft and how you can safeguard yourself.

Are You Taking Advantage of the Security Features in Your Operating System?
Whether you use Windows 98, Apple OSX or RedHat, there are a variety of security features available to you. Download this PDF chart to find out if you are making the most of your operating system.

Spam: Why it May Never Go Away
We all receive it, delete it, and most of us filter it. But spam still returns. Learn more about the new federal CAN-SPAM Act and why spammers are usually one step ahead of spam filters.

Campus Technology Experts Weigh in on the Future of Computer Security
With the development of computer security technology increasing every year, will w e still have the same security challenges five, ten, or twenty years from now? UC Davis's technology experts take a stab at predicting the technological future.