Speical Issue: UC Davis and New Business Architecture

Imagine a Web site smart enough to know you by your first and last name. A Web site smart enough to give you access to the information, documentation, and tools that matter to you. Smart enough to protect your privacy and the university's resources. And smart enough to leverage emerging technologies to streamline and simplify your job.

In this special issue of the IT Times, we introduce you to an initiative that promises to make this vision a reality for all of us. The UC Davis New Business Architecture, or NBA, was indeed officially launched last September when the MyUCDavis Web portal was identified as the foundation for the development of a campus enterprise portal from which students, faculty and staff will be able to access a range of administrative, business, and academic resources.

To help us introduce the NBA, we've asked various members of the campus community to share their contributions and thoughts about the development of our Web portal.