Spring ET Partners Deadline is March 10

Mediaworks is pleased to announce the next Call for Proposals for an Educational Technology Partner for Spring Quarter 2005. The ET Partners Program pairs faculty with specially trained students with the goal of advancing faculty expertise in the use of computer software and/or hardware in their instruction.

There are two types of ET Partnerships: Individual partnerships assign an ET Partner student with a faculty member, and they work together to achieve a transfer of technical expertise over to the faculty, while also working on an instructional technology project proposed by the faculty member for the duration of one quarter. A letter from the Chair or MSO showing commitment of technical support per above is required.

Departmental partnerships assign one or more student partners with a department, with the goal of transferring technical expertise to faculty in that department, while also working on an instructional technology project (or projects) identified by the Chair for that department, or for a group of faculty for a limited term (not to exceed two quarters). The department is required to assign a technical support person to the partnership team who will also be trained in the technology, so that at the close of the partnership there will be someone in the department qualified to continue providing support to the faculty and project.

In both types of partnership, there is a requirement that the department demonstrate a commitment to providing support for the faculty after the partnership is over. This is typically done through the department's current technology support infrastructure, by allowing that person to participate in the partnership to ensure an understanding of the faculty's future support needs.

Mediaworks production services are made available for both types of partnership to a maximum of $2000. Applications must include what services they will need and approximately when.

Th e call for proposals, online application, printable application, and information regarding selection criteria are available at the ET Partners Web site at: http://etpartners.ucdavis.edu/

The deadline for proposal submission is Thursday, March 10th, 2005 at 5:00 p.m. Printed applications and help with the application process are also available from Christine Sarason: cfsarason@ucdavis.edu, or phone: 752-9545, or drop by 165 Everson Hall.

New ET Partners Service: One-on-one ad hoc support - in your office, on your computer! The success of the ET Partners Program plus an identified need to deliver instructional technology support to faculty in their offices on their own computers has resulted in the expansion of services provided to the campus by the ET Partners Program. ET Student Partners will now come to your office and provide assistance with issues related to software commonly used in teaching at UC Davis. This means, that when the partner leaves, faculty will have learned how to handle the problem on their own computer, and can move forward quickly. Alternatively, faculty are welcome to come by the ET Partners? office located at 161 Everson Hall, where there are computers and ET Partners available to help.

Appointments for this new service can be made by contacting the program office at 754-2115, emailing etpartners@ucdavis.edu, or dropping by Room 161, Everson Hall.

Elizabeth (Liz) Gibson
Director, IET - Mediaworks
UCDavis - Surge II
Telephone: 530-752-3777
Email: emgibson@ucdavis.edu