Staff, faculty tech training ideas get vetted

An effort to improve the technical training of people across campus is starting to take shape, as recommendations produced by a committee last year get vetted by various campus constituencies this winter.

Last summer, the Campus Technical Training Oversight Committee started meeting to recommend ways to improve technical training for staff and faculty. The group identified and discussed training needs, reviewed campus training offerings, and researched and discussed how to address unmet training requirements.

The workgroup outlined several recommendations in three categories, for:
  • nontechnical managers and supervisors of technical staff.
  • technical support staff.
  • all staff and faculty.

The recommendations include, for example, developing a basic cyber-safety curriculum for use in new-employee orientations. The review of the ideas with campus constituents, which began last month, includes potential ways to implement each recommendation.

Find the report, which was presented to the campus Technology Infrastructure Forum, here.