Still using MyUCD course tools? Better check spring SmartSite workshop schedule

Instructors--especially any still using the soon-to-retire course management tools in MyUCDavis--should bookmark the SmartSite workshop schedule for spring quarter.

The schedule, also available at the SmartSite home page, offers drop-in workshops, sessions on Gradebook, instructions for new users, and more. Faculty new to SmartSite will find the information essential.

The campus is retiring the MyUCDavis course tools starting fall quarter 2010 in favor of SmartSite, which most of the campus already uses to manage coursework and share projects online. Instructors who have continued to rely on the MyUCDavis course tools should try SmartSite this spring or summer, to prepare for the transition before fall quarter begins.

The MyUCDavis Web portal itself is not going away--only the tools are being retired. To read more, go to the "Welcome to SmartSite" section at, click on "Transitioning from MyUCDavis," and then click on "Frequently Asked Questions."

Please send questions about SmartSite training, or requests for customized training in your department, to