Summer IT Times -- Special SmartSite edition

Heard about SmartSite yet?

UC Davis starts rolling out its new online course management system ??? which, actually, does a whole lot more than manage courses.

The bottom line

This two-minute primer explains the basics.

The first wave

This spring and winter, about a dozen UC Davis instructors tried SmartSite. Three of them ??? in music, physics and veterinary science ??? tell you what they learned, and offer useful advice to other faculty.

So ??? are you ready?

Your answers to a few questions will tell you if you ought to commit to SmartSite now, or spend a quarter or two playing around with it first.

Where??'s it headed?

SmartSite will evolve. So will the way you teach, learn or research. There??'s a connection.

Who do you call?

Here??'s a list of contacts to get you started.

The big picture

SmartSite assists all parts of your academic career.

Tech helps define students??? favorite educator

Andy Jones, head of the tech-friendly Faculty Mentoring Faculty Program, won Educator of the Year honors from the students of UC Davis this spring. Sure, he won because he??'s a very accessible teacher ??? but his interest in educational technology counted.