Survey Indicates Much Greater Future High-Performance Scientific Computing Needs

In October-November 2005, IET conducted a survey among faculty to identify the existing demand for high performance computing and to determine the most reasonable and efficient way for the campus to accommodate increasing demand. The survey confirmed that, like many other institutions, UC Davis is facing a number of challenges introduced by the burgeoning appetite for high-performance computing resources, a demand that is outgrowing the existing Data Center and other associated space. There are approximately 1900 cluster nodes in place on campus or through collaborative use at remote facilities. This need is projected to increase by over 168% to approximately 5100 nodes by 2010. The increase in data storage requirements is projected to be even more staggering,?? from ~300 terabytes to 13 pedabytes (13,000 terabytes)--an increase of over 4,200%. In addition, many of the existing cluster spaces are inadequate in terms of square footage, security, air conditioning, and electrical perspectives and will require extensive renovations. To address these challenges, Interim Vice Provost Peter Yellowlees is proposing, in close collaboration with the Center for Computational Science and Engineering, the development of a High Performance Computer Data Center (HPCD). This proposal is being vetted with various campus groups.