Switch to eduroam soon, because moobilenetx is retiring on June 15

The campus is retiring the moobilenetx wireless network on June 15. If you haven't moved to eduroam yet, it's time to do so.

Eduroam, short for "education roaming," has advantages over moobilenetx. Once you're enrolled, it will automatically and securely connect your phone or device to wireless services when you visit other UC campuses, hundreds of U.S. universities and colleges, and many airports, governmental buildings and public sites worldwide.

Sign in to eduroam by using a variation of your UC Davis computing account login. Use your Kerberos ID (the same one you use to sign into CAS) plus "ucdavis.edu"--for example, jxsmith@ucdavis.edu.

When you use eduroam off campus, your credentials are still validated on secure servers at UC Davis. Basically, when you visit another eduroam location, you will automatically join that university's or public site's wireless network just as though you walked onto the UC Davis campus. No additional information or configuration is needed, and all wireless traffic between your device and the wireless access point is encrypted.

UC Davis was one of the first 15 U.S. institutions of higher education to join eduroam, in 2011. UC Davis has been simplifying its wireless network in recent years, and retired moobilenet--the older, less-secure version of moobilenetx--in April 2015. With the retirement of moobilenetx, wireless access points at UC Davis will be dedicated to eduroam and to ucd-guest, the service for visitors.

Find more information about eduroam in the IT Service Catalog. Instructions on how to connect to eduroam are also available in this IT Knowledge Base article. If you have questions, please contact the IT Express Service Desk at 530-754-HELP (4357).