Technology Survey to Gauge the Needs and Priorities of Davis Faculty

CCFIT recently announced the launch of the UC Davis Faculty Survey of Instructional Technology Use, available now at This survey will help determine and address the technology needs and priorities of all faculty teaching at UC Davis. All input and comments are considered helpful, whether from those who use technology extensively or only occasionally.

The survey is composed of 22 questions and should take about 20 minutes to complete. It covers topics such as instructional use of the Internet, educational technology resources, classroom presentation resources, and the applicability of barriers and incentives affecting use of educational technology tools.

As a way of expressing their appreciation, CCFIT will award three survey respondents with certificates for up to $500 in Mediaworks services. Certificate recipients will be able to create an instructional module or other resource in furthering their teaching goals.

The survey will be live until May 6. Please visit and complete the survey today. If you have questions regarding the survey, contact Andy Jones, Chair of the CCFIT Educational Technology Subcommittee: