Time to shut Windows 2003 at UC Davis

UC Davis needs to remove another outdated operating system from machines that connect to the campus network. This time the target is Windows Server 2003.

Microsoft will stop providing updates and security patches for Windows Server 2003 on July 14. According to campus policy, the end of support will make the 12-year-old software too risky for use on machines that connect to the network. Unsupported software is a major target for hacks, viruses, and other malware.

The best response is upgrading to new software before July 14, although other options exist. Information and Educational Technology has emailed more information to campus technologists and business managers.

Approximately 400 machines that might support research and run equipment or applications at UC Davis are still using Windows Server 2003.

Last year, IET led a major project to remove all remaining uses of Windows XP software from UC Davis computers. Because many of those users were individuals, IET aimed XP communications at a large audience. Windows Server 2003 machines are typically overseen by administrators and technologists, so this time IET is sending most of the messages to them.