\tInformation and Technology Summer Activities Report

Classroom Media Equipment Upgrades: By fall, 20 additional general assignment classrooms will receive new audio-visual equipment and "Smart Panels" to control the equipment. For more information, see Classroom Upgrade Project in High Gear this Summer.

Computer Lab Changes: Summer is typically a busy time for Lab Management. Hardware and software upgrades will be completed in several computer labs by fall. For more information, see Summer Changes in the Campus Computer Rooms. Preparing for Rolling Blackouts: Even though UC Davis received an exemption from rolling blackouts this summer, there are a number of IET services not housed on the core campus and, therefore, not exempt from blackouts. For more information on how IET is preparing and for tips on how you can protect your data, see You Asked. Student Computer Ownership Expectation: Following on the success of several faculty orientation sessions this spring, more will be offered at the Arbor this summer. The Web site will also be updated with new content. For more information, see Student Computer Ownership.

Summer Advising: IET student employees and student services staff will be orienting up to 6,000 incoming freshman and transfer students to the uses of technology on campus. IET will be helping students set up computing accounts and introducing them to the new Student Computer Ownership Expectation and MyUCDavis, among other technology-related issues. Summer Institute on Teaching in Technology: IET will be providing support for this eighth annual event; most notably, Mediaworks artists will be busy helping to prepare materials for the presentations and learning labs. For more information, see SITT Set for July.

Web Site Updates: IET will be revamping a number of its most popular Web sites, including IT Express' site where students, staff and faculty can find help for almost every technology need they have on campus. For more information, see Web Sites Upgraded for Fall.