UC Davis ends printed phone book, will expand online directory

UC Davis no longer prints a phone book, but individual listings have been available online for some time, and departmental listings are coming in early 2010.

The campus distributed its last printed directory, the centennial edition, in late spring 2008. The move online saves money and paper, and the electronic format lets people update their listings anytime, which keeps the directory more accurate.

The next step in the online directory project is to move department listings online. People will be able to go to the campus directory search site, similar to the one for individuals; enter the name of a department (a partial name will work), including departments at the UC Davis Health System; and click on the "department" button. They will then see a listing of department information, much like they did in the phone book.

Most of the departments' information is already available at the departments' individual Web sites, but the online directory will create one consistent location where people can find contact information.

To look up individual contact information about UC Davis faculty, students and staff online, visit this site and enter the person's name. You can update your own listing here.

Please send any questions or comments to Laine Keneller, project manager, at lwkeneller@ucdavis.edu.