UC media directors met on campus this fall

Representatives from all 10 University of California campuses attended the Fall UC Media Directors Conference, hosted at UC Davis.

The conference takes place twice yearly, each time at a different campus. The media directors share "campus practices, expertise, and ideas, and facilitate collaborative efforts," said Jennifer Winning of UC Davis Classroom Technology Services (CTS).

Thirty-nine people came to the Sept. 14-15 conference, well above the usual 25 to 30. Coordinators of the event cannot remember the last time all of the campuses were represented.

Although the major subject is educational technology, each conference has a sub-focus that draws specialists who accompany the directors to the meeting. This fall, the special focus was production.

Conference attendees toured IET Mediaworks and CTS, then split into two groups. The first group, the media directors themselves, discussed learning spaces in the 21st century--a subject that includes both classrooms and online locations. The conference helps the universities take advantage of developments in educational technology and confront common problems together.

The second group, the production staff, met separately at Mediaworks.

The two groups reconvened for dinner with Pete Siegel, the new vice provost for Information and Educational Technology for the campus. The conference ended after breakfast and further discussion the next morning.

The directors will meet again in the spring.