UCD Assists UC Merced with Campus Academic Administrative Systems (CAAS)

Initiated in March 2003, the CAAS project is a collaboration between UC Davis and UC Merced to develop UC Merced's administrative computing environment for its official opening in 2005. The installation of the Recruitment module (UCM's first Banner module) and the development of all recruitment data load and conversion programs have been completed. A ?Web for Prospects? Web site has been designed based on a newly-developed Admissions home page. A substantial amount of training and system configuration changes for Admissions and Financial Aid (which are part of Phase II of the CAAS project) have been completed. All software acquisition, negotiation, and licensing was also completed, including the licensing of software for SCT's Banner Student/Financial Aid software systems, the 3GL compiler software, Oracle's relational database management system software, and the PVCS Version Manager software for software version management. In addition, a number of custom programs were initiated. These programs included data conversions from an existing Microsoft Access database for high school and transfer contacts; new scanning applications for high school and transfer contacts; new data load for College Board (Student Search Service), Early Academic Outreach Programs, SAT/ACT data loads, and Puente/Mesa data loads; and the new Web For Prospects recruitment Web site. (For more information about UC Merced, see the UC Merced Web site.)