Upcoming Enhancements To Campus Spam Controls

(The following memo was sent to the campus community on July 26, 2005.)

I write to inform you of a new enhancement that will be made to the campus anti-spam program on the morning of July 28, 2005.

The campus email servers receive an estimated 11 to 13 million spam messages per month, and continued delivery of these messages reflects a wasteful use of university computing resources. Ultimately, automatic deletion of messages that are clearly identified as spam is a desired objective.

As an initial step in this direction, on the morning of Thursday, July 28, 2005, the campus email system will filter messages with high "spam content scores" into a separate folder called "UCD-quarantine" (see http://security.ucdavis.edu/spam.cfm#score for more information about spam content scores). This will permit campus email users to periodically inspect this server-based mail folder and verify that the campus email system is not labeling legitimate email as spam.

Campus email users will have 28 days in which to review the messages in their UCD-quarantine folder before the messages are automatically deleted. As campus email users continue to review the folder over time, we anticipate they will become comfortable with the automatic deletion of all email messages with high spam content scores.

Further information regarding this new spam quarantine folder and how to access it can be found at http://security.ucdavis.edu/spam.cfm. This Web site also has information on additional campus spam filtering options including allow/deny lists which campus email users can set up to ensure messages from certain addressees are delivered.

Please contact the IT Express Computing Help Desk, at ithelp@ucdavis.edu or (530) 754-4357 if you have comments about the new enhancement or questions about our existing campus spam filtering se rvices.

Robert Ono
IT Security Coordinator