UPDATED: Residence halls switch wireless to eduroam

This article has been updated to state that the switch will occur on June 30, not June 23 as first announced.

Starting June 30, the residence halls will use eduroam, not moobilenetx, as their wireless network.

The change affects you if you live, work in, or visit student housing.

Both eduroam and moobilenetx serve the main parts of the Davis campus, but moobilenetx was the core wireless network in the residence halls for 2014-15. The campus will retire moobilenetx as soon as next year, and starting new students on eduroam when they move into the residence halls this fall will save them a little transition time down the road.

Both wireless services are encrypted, and automatically connect you to the network once they recognize you. However, eduroam also exists at thousands of colleges, universities, and other locations worldwide, which means you can easily use their networks when you travel. For more about eduroam, see these "connecting to wireless" articles in the IT Knowledge Base.

This spring, UC Davis retired moobilenet. Despite the similar name, it was not the same network as moobilenetx. Moobilenet--without the "x" at the end--was the original campus wireless network, and did not have the security features of its successors.

Visitors to campus get wireless access via ucd-guest.