Video/Photo Virtual Reality Projects Facilitate Study, Collaboration

Simulations in Teaching. Mediaworks produced and distributed a two-way video and audio interactive lecture from UCDMC to Tupper Hall on campus for the UC Davis Health System, School of Medicine, and Department of Anesthesiology. This project used a Human Patient Simulator to teach medical students about pharmacology using a case study. Mediaworks worked with networking services at both the hospital and campus to deliver the video and audio signal using MPEG video over IP (see the IT Times story at \tDemonstrating Progress. The newly-created Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology worked with IET Mediaworks to prepare animations and video footage of a few current examples of the center's work, including a portable pathogen detector that will be used to quickly identify potentially deadly viruses and other biological agents. This center will facilitate collaboration across disciplines and provide equipment and lab space for scientists as they develop new biophotonics applications and techniques (see the IT Times story at \t