Volunteers to test iPhone 3.0 software for campus compatibility

IET is coordinating another campuswide effort to test how well a popular new software program--in this case, Apple's iPhone 3.0 update--works with various applications and systems at UC Davis.

Information and Educational Technology invites campus technologists who have an iPhone with the update and would like to assist the tests, or who want to share the results of their own testing, to contact software@ucdavis.edu. You don't need the iPhone 3GS, which was released last week--an older model upgraded to version 3.0 will do.

The list of applications to be tested totals about 60, and ranges from MoobilenetX and Mothra to Facebook and UCDbuy. Results will be posted on the campus MacIntosh Web site.

Previous campus tests of other software and hardware have evaluated the iPhone itself, Office 2008, Vista, and IE8, among others.