Win2K Recommendations and Seminars

The Windows 2000 Project Team, comprised of representatives from IT and the campus technical community, is developing a set of recommendations regarding Windows 2000 migration on campus. These recommendations are a result of a five-month analysis of the impact of deploying Windows 2000 in campus departments. The analysis has resulted in specific recommendations for both current and future adopters about practices necessary to ensure compatibility with campus systems and long-term benefit to the campus as a whole. The project team recommends waiting to migrate servers from Windows NT to Windows 2000 until the impacts of migration are fully tested and understood. The desktop version of Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Professional, is compliant with UC Davis administrative systems and, therefore, can be installed on Windows PC desktops. To ensure success, follow the installation instructions posted at The full set of recommendations will be available at in mid-June. Smooth transition to Windows 2000 requires training for technical professionals and users alike. The IT-Desktop Systems unit, UC Davis's Microsoft-certified provider of Windows recharge services, arranged for Microsoft to offer campus departments a three-day "Windows 2000 Bootcamp" in Sacramento, May 17-19. Participants were given a project management overview for migrating to Windows 2000. In addition, IT will be hosting a presentation for users and departmental business managers, as well as an on-site UC Davis-specific technical seminar this summer. If you are interested in attending, keep an eye on the Windows 2000 Web site ( for the time, location, and registration information. The training information will be posted as soon as it is available. Finally, IT is developing courses for Windows 2000 users. These courses should be available in the fall.