Wireless How-To: Going Wireless on Campus Now Easier than Ever

Wireless access on campus is available to any UC Davis affiliate with a valid UC Davis login ID and Kerberos password, and it's now easier than ever to go wireless.

Configuring Your Laptop to Connect to the Internet
* First install and configure a wireless card (NIC). This procedure varies with wireless card brands, so carefully follow the instructions that came with your device.
* Make sure you are within range of the campus wireless network.
* If you are asked to select between several available wireless networks, select "moobilenet."
* If you are asked to type in an SSID, type "moobilenet" (all lower case).
* Once you have properly configured your laptop and have connected to moobilenet, you may launch your preferred Web browser.
* NOTE: To avoid unnecessary hassles, do NOT use a secure "https" address until after you've gone through the authentication process.

Authenticating with the Campus Network
To make sure you are authorized to use the campus wireless network, you will be redirected to the UC Davis Secure Login Web page. Once you enter your login ID and Kerberos password and hit the "Login" button, a window will appear confirming your connection to the network and featuring links to the Web page you wanted to visit (or your browser's home page).

Logging Out
If you have pop-ups enabled on your laptop, you can log out using the bluesocket pop-up window that appears upon connection. Although you can log out without using bluesocket, the benefit to doing so is that a wireless connection is immediately available to other users because the connection is broken at the server end, instead of at the user end.

If you do not have pop-ups enabled in your browser, you will not see the bluesocket pop-up logout window, but you will still be able to log out of the wireless network by returning to the window where you first selected moobilenet.

Not Quite Working for Y ou?
Visit wireless.ucdavis.edu for answers to frequently asked questions and for more detailed hook-up instructions. If you continue to have problems connecting to or disconnecting from moobilenet, please contact the IT Help Desk at ithelp@ucdavis.edu or 754-HELP.