Wireless printing pilot begins

Starting October 30, anyone using the UC Davis wireless network will be able to print from their laptops to printers in selected campus computer rooms. Computer Lab Management, part of Information and Educational Technology (IET), is piloting the service this fall.

Sheets printed this way are counted toward the same quota as standard printing within the IET computer rooms. Charges for sheets printed above 60 will accrue at a rate of 6 cents per sheet. Clients who print 90 sheets or fewer during the quarter or summer session will have their charges waived. Clients who print 91 sheets or more will be billed for all accrued charges from sheet 61.

Clients will have to set up a printer on their laptop first. To learn more or to get started, visit the Wireless Printing Web page at wirelessprinting.ucdavis.edu

Clients can access the printers from anywhere in the campus wireless network. When they send their print job to the queue, it will not be printed until they visit the computer room and ask the Computer Room Consultant to release their job.

Wireless printing is currently available in the MU Station (177 Memorial Union) and 1101 Hart. Please send feedback if you have any comments or problems using this service.