WTC Telecommunications Room (TR) Survey

The UC Davis campus has hired Western Telecommunication Consulting, Inc. (WTC) to develop a Telecommunications Master Plan for the campus. WTC will visit the approximately 1,500 Telecommunications Rooms (TRs) on campus as part of the project. Communications Resources technicians will escort the WTC consultants throughout the visits. The Pilot survey buildings are AOB4, PES, Social Science, Mrak and Castilian. WTC will be conducting the Pilot survey from September 29, 2004 to October 1, 2004. The full campus survey will take place between October 21, 2004 and February 4, 2005. Most TRs are located outside of offices, so there will be no impact on our campus communications clients. There will be no disruption of service. There are a few TRs included in the survey that are located in campus offices. In those cases, the CR technician will greet the office occupant(s) and explain that they are escorting WTC during the field survey work. Thanks for your understanding as the TR survey is underway. Please contact Sandra Duncan at if you have any questions.