YOU ASKED: Is it possible to transfer a VHS or other analog tape onto a DVD on campus?

Yes, the transfer process can be completed either at the Meyer Media Lab or Mediaworks, which provides digital media and instructional technology services to the campus. Both resources are located on campus; Meyer Hall is out by the Tercero dorms and the Mondavi Center, while Mediaworks is located at Surge II adjacent to Silo.

There are, however, many differences between the services offered at the two locations. Read on to determine which analog-to-DVD technique properly fits your needs.

Meyer Media Lab
As Meyer Media Lab is a campus computer lab, you will need a valid Kerberos login and password to access any of their hardware or computers. Meyer Media Lab is a self-production lab, but it has student Computer Room Consultants (CRCs) to assist you if you need help. Although you must supply your own DVD-R discs, the transfer service is free and there is no annual or quarterly limit to how many DVDs you can create. There are two methods for transferring analog tapes to DVD:

  • If you wish to transfer the tape to a DVD without editing it, simply operate the standalone DVD recorder. Place your VHS in a VCR, press play, and then press record on the DVD player. It's that simple!
  • If you have a little more time on your hands or you want to edit the content of your tape before transferring it to a DVD, step up to the computer station. The computer can also capture motion video from a camera as well as add music, title cards, and other fun computerized features to your footage before it is burned onto a DVD.

Mediaworks production services are available to campus and UC Davis Health System faculty and staff. Unlike Meyer Media Lab which is self-service, Mediaworks? staff handles all of the transfers and charge for the DVDs accordingly. Here are all the details:

  • The price for one DVD is approxi mately $24, although the price goes down to $17 per DVD if you are creating up to ten multiple copies.
  • Mediaworks also provides a DVD authoring program that entails transferring computer files such as videos, graphic art, PowerPoint presentations, photos, audio, and animation onto one DVD that is compatible with the media systems present in all UC Davis classrooms.
  • UC Davis instructors can apply for the Educational Technology Resource Awards (ETRA), which supplement the cost of educational materials. Further information can be found on the Teaching Resource Center Web site