You have 1 new message: Campus is moving to a new voice-mail service

Back when UC Davis installed its current voice-mail system, campus phones were wired and analog. Smartphones didn't exist.

The current voice-mail system is reaching the end of its service life, so after May 15, it will be gone. That's when UC Davis will finish migrating to a new voice-mail system that offers a much better fit with modern telecommunications.

If you're one of the approximately 4,000 staff and faculty who use the current Octel service, then you'll need to set up your account in the new system sometime during the April 27-May 15 conversion period. already has written instructions, and will soon add short how-to videos that can lead you through the process.

The new service offers advanced and standard capabilities, including the ability to retrieve messages via phone, email, or website.

Accounts not moved by May 15 will become unavailable, but can be reactivated once they are moved. Communications Resources, part of Information and Educational Technology, has already begun to help departments move their more complicated multi-line voice-mail accounts.

The voice-mail change is the second in a series of three that involve campus phones. The first was the switch to seven-digit dialing in December 2014. The third will be the move to Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephones, where phone calls travel over the Internet instead of the traditional, slowly vanishing analog telephone network. Communications Resources will post more information about the transition to VOIP soon.

Read more at If you have questions about phone service in your unit or department, please contact your authorized telecommunications representative (ATR); you can find your ATR in this directory. Please direct other questions or comments to the IT Express Service Des k at 530-754-HELP (4357).