Please help us avoid the two most common lecture recording failures:

  • No audio: The classroom microphone must be worn, turned on, and working through the entire class period. Consider putting fresh batteries in the microphone just before you start your class, because you may not notice if they die mid-lecture. Consider asking your students to let you know if they can’t hear you through the room speakers. If your voice is not coming through the classroom speakers, there will be no audio on the recording.
  • No video of your lecture slides or other computer content: If using a Macintosh, you must connect your computer with the VGA connector, not DVI/HDMI. Otherwise there will be no computer content on the recordings, even if you can see it in the room.  

Other important notes about lecture recordings:

  • We strongly recommend that you talk with your students about how best to use the lecture recordings and to not use them as a substitute for attending lecture, which usually results in a drop in performance. The recordings are intended as supplemental resources for exam review; review of difficult material; coverage for the occasional missed class due to illness or other unavoidable absence; and when learning disabilities or English as a second language present obstacles to learning. Also, when dealing with technology, there’s always a chance a recording could fail.
  • Privacy notice for you and your students: Please let your students know that they are being recorded. The recordings run from 3 minutes before to 2 minutes after the scheduled lecture time, and the camera will typically be on a wide shot of the room. If the room microphone is on, room audio will also be recorded.
  • Please use your cursor to point at content on the screen: Because a laser pointer or anything else pointed at a screen will not appear on the recordings, please use your computer’s cursor, a physical pointer on the document camera, or a Spotlight Presentation Remote, to point to content on the screen.
  • Links to the recorded lectures will typically appear on your Canvas course site within an hour or two of the end of each class. The videos will appear in “Lecture Videos” and/or “Media Gallery” in the course navigation section of your Canvas course site. We will enable these sections on your site shortly before the start of the quarter. The videos appearing in the Media Gallery section will also be available indefinitely in your account on Aggie Video (
  • To increase your odds of getting assigned to a classroom with lecture capture technology for future classes, during the quarterly maintenance access period, you or your program representative should let the Registrar’s Office know that you need a “lecture capture capable classroom placement.”

If you discover any problems with the AV equipment during your class, please call the classroom hotline at 752-3333 or contact them at

If you have any questions or concerns about the lecture recordings throughout the quarter, please contact

Thank you for helping us make these recordings successful.