Image of Duo app on smartphone at UC Davis

Campus will begin enrolling students in Duo in February

If you’re a student at UC Davis, it’s time to enroll in Duo. 

Starting Feb. 9, 2021, UC Davis will begin enrolling students in Duo automatically, after emailing them information about what to expect. Students may also pre-empt the bulk enrollment by obtaining a Duo account by Feb. 5. 

Duo multi-factor authentication (MFA) protects your online life much like a deadbolt secures a door. When you log in to an account protected by Duo, after you enter your usual password, Duo asks you for a second “factor”—typically a temporary code that Duo displays on your smartphone. Accept the code, and you’re in. Hackers who don’t have the second factor cannot get into your account.

UC Davis faculty, staff, and student employees are already enrolled in Duo, fulfilling a campus goal of applying MFA throughout UC Davis. 

The IT Express Service Desk estimates that Duo has prevented up to 500 fraudulent account logins at UC Davis in the past four years. Some of the attempts were probably mistakes. Some were almost certainly blocked break-ins. 

When you’ll need Duo 

Once students are enrolled, they will need Duo to access the Advising Appointment System, MyBill, and several other campus services protected by the Central Authentication Service (the standard campus login service, also known as CAS). Other apps, including UC Davis Canvas and DavisMail, will not require Duo for now. 

Enrollments will occur in batches of about 2,000 students per day. Students will receive emails before and after they’re enrolled, with information on what to do next. 

Best option: Get the Duo mobile app 

The most popular way to use Duo, and the easiest, is to load the Duo mobile app onto your smartphone. Students without smartphones can buy tokens available at the UC Davis Stores, or contact Aggie Compass Basic Needs if they cannot afford a token. 

Information and Educational Technology will communicate the news to students via email, social media, posts on services that students use, and other outlets, and by working with campus units.

For more about MFA, please see, or get your account now if you’re ready. If you have questions, please contact IT Express.