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Duo Multi-factor Authentication to End Support for Certain Operating Systems & Browsers

Duo will no longer work on outdated operating systems, browsers, and security protocols. 

Starting Monday, September 18, 2023, Duo, UC Davis’ multi-factor authentication app, will no longer work on certain operating systems, browsers, and security protocols for mobile devices and desktop computers. Members of the campus community use Duo as an additional layer of protection to access email, online storage, and other technology and university services. 

If you use a computer or mobile device with one of the systems listed below, you must update to the latest version before September 18 to continue using Duo. If your device and/or browser are not updated by this date, you will be locked out of your UC Davis computing account and will not be able to access critical campus services.  

Outdated Browsers & Operating Systems
What steps do I need to take?
  1. Identify which browser or operating system you are using. Click here for more information on how to identify your browser or operating system.  
  2. If your browser or operating system is up to date, no further action is needed.  
    If your browser, operating system, or security protocol is outdated (on the list above), please contact your mobile phone carrier or cell phone/desktop manufacturer for information on how to make updates.   
Software Currently Supported by IT Express  

IT Express offers technical support services to faculty, students, and staff. Our team of highly trained professionals provides support for various software and campus applications. Please click here for a list of operating systems and software currently supported by IT Express.  

About Vendor-led Changes 

Vendors, such as Duo, make periodic changes for a variety of reasons, including to streamline functionality, strengthen security, and improve the user experience. The company announced several changes in 2023 with more expected in the coming year.

UC Davis and Information and Educational Technology (IET) strive to communicate these changes in a timely manner to help minimize impact and set you up for success.