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The Knowledge Base, full of information about campus tech, logged a record 1.03 million visits in 2020

If you searched the campus IT Knowledge Base last year for instructions on how to use Duo at UC Davis, you were part of a popular trend.

Questions about adding a smartphone or enrolling in Duo helped drive traffic to the Knowledge Base, a collection of how-to articles, to a record 1.03 million visits in 2020. That’s up 22 percent from 840,000 in 2019, and more than double the 504,000 recorded in 2018.

The Knowledge Base (KB) has 3,438 articles on different areas of technology at UC Davis, ranging from accessing AggieVideo to setting up a meeting in Zoom. As a resource that’s always available, the KB became even more useful when the pandemic forced the switch to remote learning and working in March 2020.

Information and Educational Technology oversees the KB, and many units or departments create or add to its information. Helpful articles reduce contacts to IT Express and other campus service desks, while saving time for individuals who simply need some information to resolve a problem on their own.

The top three articles for 2020, with their number of views, were:

  • Assistance with CAS (the Central Authentication Service, or standard campus log-in): 113,000
  • Getting started with Duo: 53,600
  • Enrolling a smartphone in Duo: 38,000

UC Davis has begun requiring use of Duo multi-factor authentication to protect campus services, which helps explain the number of faculty, students and staff who were new to Duo in 2020 and were looking for information about how to use it.

IET expects the KB to keep growing. Read more in the IT Knowledge Base entry.