Photo of printers outside 246 MU
246 MU is closed, but these printers are available

Limited printing resumes outside two computer rooms in Shields, MU

Wireless printing has returned to campus, in limited locations because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To use the service, follow the instructions at wirelessprinting to send print jobs to printers just outside the computer rooms at 182 Shields Library and 246 Memorial Union (pictured). You can pick up your printed material at those locations when Shields and the MU are open.

The machines can print copies on 8.5x11-inch paper, in black and white. The usual printing costs apply.

Information and Educational Technology operates 22 computer rooms on the Davis campus, including 182 Shields and 246 MU. All 22 are closed this fall because of the pandemic.

However, IET has added capacity to its virtual lab, which students can use to connect remotely to computers inside the IET rooms. This access lets students work on assignments using the machines’ specialized software when the rooms are closed.