New Temporary Affiliate service launches on April 13

The new Temporary Affiliate (TAF) application launches on April 13, 2023. TAF is the system used to create computing accounts for guest faculty, staff, visiting scholars, volunteers, and others. TAF allows faculty and staff to sponsor creation of temporary affiliate accounts.

The benefits of the new application include improved service reliability and security which conform to the new TAF computing standard. Under this standard, the TAF sponsor and approver cannot be the same person and renewals must be reapproved. The new application will allow sponsors to transfer sponsorship to another qualified sponsor.

Only UC Davis and Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) employees may be sponsors or approvers. After April 13, UC Davis Health sponsors are required to use the Health system external onboarding process, with the exception of medical and health schools associated with the Davis campus by UC Path.

For more information about the new application, you can view this AggieVideo. Questions can be directed to IT Express via email ( or phone, (530) 754-4357.