New this week: Webinars for faculty on using Canvas, other tools, to teach online

Photo of instructional technologist Steve Faith
Instructional technologist Steve Faith

The campus is presenting four webinars for faculty daily today through Friday, March 13, on how to use Canvas to hold quizzes or exams online, communicate with students, or distribute video lectures.

Each webinar, presented by an instructional technologist in Information and Educational Technology, lasts one hour. The topics:

  • Moving Exams/Quizzes out of the classroom and online
  • Making optimal use of existing tools in Canvas
  • Using recorded video to supplement or replace in-person lectures
  • Having a meeting or class session using Web Conferencing

See the schedule and details on the “teach” page at, a website to support faculty during COVID-19-related illnesses, quarantines, or potential campus closure.