Report all cyber-security incidents to your Unit Information Security Leads

As you likely know from the news, cyber-attacks are a continuing threat in all areas of modern life. The risk is serious enough that we may have to deal with a cyber-security incident one day.

An incident is anything that has a significant probability of threatening information security or compromising research, instruction, or business operations. It could be a lost laptop, a compromised account, ransomware, a phishing message that you responded to, a data breach, or something else. If you suspect a cyber-security incident has occurred, report it. If you are unsure if what happened needs to be reported, your UISL can assist.

If you encounter a cyber-security incident at UC Davis, it is critically important that you contact your Unit Information Security Lead (UISL) as soon as possible. Each college, school and office has both IT and business UISLs. They are responsible for certain information security activities within their units. Also contact immediately.

You can also send questions to UC Davis’ Information Security Office at

Your quick report will help the campus investigate the incident and contain any damage that might result.