Storage Limit for UC Davis Google Accounts for New Students and Staff Beginning July 2023 

20 GB storage limit for new students and staff becomes effective July 15, 2023. 

Updated July 24, 2023

Previous versions of this article indicated that current students and staff had until November 15, 2023, to meet a new 20 GB storage requirement. This timeline has been altered to allow for more campus feedback. More information will follow as soon as it is available.  

Starting July 15, 2023, UC Davis Google accounts for new students and staff will have a cumulative 20 GB storage limit. As vendors continue to impose storage limits for higher education institutions, storage requirements may be needed for current students and staff.

Google introduced a new license and storage model eliminating free, unlimited storage for Google Workspace for Education and will enforce service-wide storage caps. Storage quotas are required to comply with this policy.  

What is Changing?

  • Storage for UC Davis Google Apps for Education, including DavisMail, Google Drive, and Google Photos, will be capped at 20 GB. 

  • Only new students and staff are impacted, including undergraduate and graduate students.

  • These changes do not apply to UC Davis faculty, including Emeriti faculty.  

How to Prepare

Your Online Storage Action Plan  

While new storage policies can be disruptive, they can serve as an opportunity to assess your online storage needs and choose from the several services that UC Davis offers. Information and Educational Technology (IET) recommends that you:   

  1. Identify your current and upcoming online storage and collaboration needs.   

  2. Review the online storage and collaboration services available at UC Davis.

  3. Staff & student employees only. Check with your department for guidelines and recommendations on preferred online storage platforms and review the campus records retention policy

If you are a new student or staff member and wish to remain under quota:  

  1. Check your storage usage for your UC Davis Google account. Be sure to log in with your UC Davis loginID and password.  

  1. If your current storage is less than 20 GB, you do not need to take any action. 

  1. If your UC Davis Google account exceeds 20 GB:

  • Download or copy files you wish to retain to your computer or another storage location. 

  • Once files have been downloaded/copied, delete them from your UC Davis Google account and empty the Trash folder. Files that remain in your Trash will contribute to your overall storage limit.

  • Explore alternative storage options if needed. 

If your UC Davis Google account exceeds 20 GB, you may not be able to perform certain functions such as uploading new files. Your current files will remain available and you will be able to send and receive email.