Starting Sept. 6, current Duo users will see it applied to more campus services

If you’re already using Duo at UC Davis, get ready to use it more frequently.

Starting Sept. 6, anyone who now uses Duo multi-factor authentication (MFA) for at least one campus service will begin using it for additional campus services—ones protected by the standard CAS (Central Authentication Service) login, such as myucdavis, the Time Reporting System, and DavisMail.

The change will occur automatically. You won’t need to adjust any settings. You’ll keep using Duo the same way you do now, except you’ll apply it to services protected by CAS, and you’ll see the Duo prompt after you complete your usual CAS login.

Duo users will receive an advance email from the campus telling them about the change.

If you don’t currently use Duo, then nothing will change for you—yet. In time you will be asked to enroll in Duo, because UC Davis is working toward universal use of Duo across campus. Adding CAS on Sept. 6 is the next step toward that goal.

Becoming standard throughout the UC

Services protected by multi-factor authentication require you to enter a second “factor” before you can log in. Typically, you enter your passphrase, and then Duo sends a temporary, second code to your smartphone (there are alternatives if you can’t use a smartphone). You accept the code, and you’re in.

To date, UC Davis has been using Duo to protect Office 365 accounts and access to the Banner student information system; UNIX and Windows Bastion hosts, for campus technologists; and Pulse Secure VPN.

In June, Information and Educational Technology began contacting campus departments to offer help enrolling their faculty and staff in Duo. Most initial use of Duo will occur through campus departments and units. Almost 18,000 faculty and staff at UC Davis already use Duo, including all of UC Davis Health, all of IET, and hundreds of technologists and system administrators throughout the Davis campus.

Adding MFA is becoming a standard practice to protect data and resources among universities, the private sector, and throughout the University of California. UCLA requires all of its faculty, staff and students to use Duo with their main campus accounts, and UC Berkeley is close behind.

If you have questions

If you have questions, contact your department tech support, or the IT Express Service Desk. UC Davis Health employees should contact UC Davis Health’s service desk. Read more at